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Stump Removal

stump removal Our Stump Removal service removes all remnants of tree stumps from your property, making your land more attractive and safer. A stump can be a tripping hazard, or contain diseases that can affect the health of other trees.

Tree stumps can be hazardous for several reasons particularly if they are located in heavy foot traffic part of your property. Children and adults can accidentally trip on them with the potential for serious injury. Don’t be surprised if a tree stump starts to sprout one or several new tree(s) at the base of the stump. Even if you cut them they still have a tendency to grow back. Mowing the lawn with a tree stump can be challenging and potentially cause damage to your mower if you mow to close. Insects can also turn a tree stump into a nice home. Bees, ants, wasps and termites can make themselves very comfortable in a tree stump. You need to be proactive and remove a tree stump to avoid pest control nightmares like these.

Whether you’ve recently had a tree removed or you’ve had leftover stumps rotting away for years, you can count on Clint’s Land Services to tackle your tree stumps. Our knowledgeable tree care team has the experience and equipment needed to remove tree stumps from the roots and prevent future tree growth.


When you want to know just what you stand to gain from stump removal, think about the following benefits:

  • Cost effectiveness that ensures the project is reasonably completed within your budget.
  • The ability to construct pathways, patios, fencing or walls without fear of disruption.
  • The job can be completed quickly, so that your property can be back to normal in no time.

Each of these benefits comes with service that is available to sites like gardens, parks, golf courses, and many other types of buildings.

You may not be overly concerned with leftover tree stumps, but if left unchecked, they can lead to some serious problems. Houston Tree Removal in Houston, Texas can grind away your tree stumps before they can:

  • Sprout and grow new trees
  • Cause serious injuries
  • Attract wood-destroying insects

Don’t let ugly stumps clutter your lawn. Have our expert stump removal team clean below the surface of the topsoil to clear and expand your property! We’ll take care of any stump whether it’s simply an eyesore or it’s hindering the use of the area.

Once a stump is removed, compacted mulch can be placed into the remaining hole to make the area safe and to allow for a full landscaping restoration. Mulch will provide much-needed moisture and nutritional value to the surrounding in addition to preventing weed growth.

For stump removal, tree trimming and tree removal jobs, we always remove all debris, rake as necessary and leave the job site clean. Contact us today for a free quote on your stump removal cost.