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Brush Mowing

Does walking through your property feel like walking through a jungle? If so, you’re probably a great candidate for brush mowing or underbrush clearing.

Brush Mowing is a less intensive version of land clearing. Unlike traditional land clearing, we won’t demolish everything and leave you with only bare dirt on your lot. Instead, we’ll clean up thick entanglements of growth to leave your land looking healthy and lush, but not too overgrown.
Removing the underbrush helps your remaining trees to grow healthy without all the needless under growth stealing nutrients from the soil.

Overgrowth on your property can hinder your ability to use your land to the fullest, making clearing your land a necessity. For a variety of purposes, underbrush clearing can render your land workable again quickly and affordably.

Left unchecked, underbrush–the layer of low-growing plants that can be found underneath trees in wooded areas–often takes over a parcel of land, creating thick entanglements of vegetation that make it difficult to use your land as-is or prepare it for further building projects.

In many cases, underbrush must be cleared away in order to make planning a construction project possible–whether that’s putting in a new shed or barn in a backyard or clearing large parcels of land for residential or commercial development. Land may need to be cleared for other personal or recreational uses, such as a sports field or a more usable backyard. In ranching and farming, land may need to be cleared of underbrush in order to become arable or suitable for maintaining livestock.

Sometimes, no particular project may be planned, rather, the land’s underbrush has simply become unsightly and is having a negative effect on property values.

While both underbrush clearing and regular land clearing have a similar aim–removing overgrowth–the two processes take a very different approach. Traditional land clearing removes all vegetation on the land being cleared, from trees down to the topsoil layer. On the other hand, underbrush clearing selectively removes area of thick overgrowth while leaving larger trees (typically those over four to five inches in diameter) and the nutrient-rich topsoil intact.

What does this mean? Regular land cleaning will leave your land barren, and the extent of the removal can cause erosion issues and require additional control measures. In contrast, underbrush cleaning looks to maintain the land’s healthy, lush vegetation while removing unsightly undergrowth that’s draining nutrients from trees and soil. After underbrush clearing, land looks attractive and well-maintained, while enough clearing is done to allow for construction planning–with little risk of erosion.

In addition, while regular land clearing is typically a multiple step process that often requires permitting and carries higher costs, underbrush clearing takes only a few hours with significantly lower labor costs.


  • It can make your property look more attractive to visitors.
  • It will boost the value of your home or property.
  • It’s quick—your property will look 10 times better in a few hours.
  • New property owners appreciate brush mowing services to get a clear idea of what there property actually looks like before deciding where to build structures.
  • In most cases underbrushing does not disturb the natural ground and leaves a layer of mulched debris to help hinder regrowth.
  • The greatest benefit to this service is the affordable cost.

We also provide forestry mulching.

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